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Home Warranty Providers – Which One Is the Best?

When searching through the different home warranty providers, there is no doubt that you have no idea which one to pick. But believe it or not, you may not have to make a choice without a little help from your real estate agent. But before you get to that point, continuing your research is important to make sure that you are an informed consumer, capable of making a decision for yourself. You can discover the best home warranty provider at

It is beyond the scope of this article to try to list all of the different programs and companies, but I will mention just a couple. American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty are two that come to mind pretty quickly. These are the most popular in my area, but don't misunderstand me. I am not recommending these companies. The top two in your area may not be the same, so do your research.

Which is the best provider to choose?

As I mentioned, do your research and find some good reviews in your area. But here is a little secret that some first time home buyers are just not aware of. The best way to pick a company is to talk to your real estate agent. 

Your real estate agent will know if there have been a large number of complaints about the different companies in your area. The reason is because new home owners will often call their agent to complain about the providers that are being unethical or not honoring their end of the contract.

So which is the best home warranty provider to choose? The answer is easy for me. Check with your real estate agent. It's as simple as that.