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Getting Affordable Tiling in Perth

You will love to retile your bathroom or replace that dirty, dingy, old backsplash in the kitchen with a nice new ceramic tile one. You are also aware of the fact that your DIY skills are not really stars and calling qualified tiling professionals will be the only way the renovation project will change the right way.

This is something you are pretty sure you cannot afford right now so you resign yourself to having to put it off for another year. Not so fast. There are ways to save money on your new tile installation and still get the beautifully updated kitchen or bathroom you have been craving.

Tile size

Ask the ceramic tile salesman to direct you towards the most economical size for the area you will need. Tiles that measure four inches by four inches or even six inches by six inches are often the right choice for a bathroom floor and the total bill at the tile store will obviously be less. Even better, with fewer tiles to install your tiling professional's bill will be smaller too.

Mix and match

If there are certain tiles that are rather expensive that you like to use in your renovation project, don't discount immediately because it will damage your budget. Instead mix and match fewer of them with a plain, cheaper ceramic tile for an effect that will look clean and pulled together while still costing you less.