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Facebook Chat Bots: Step 1

If you have heard about Facebook Chat Bots, then you most likely know that these are the newest innovations to the social networking website. Facebook Chat Bots are computer-generated people who actually have conversations with the individuals they are supposed to be communicating with. A Facebook chatbot is actually a program that mimics a real conversation in Facebook Messenger by actually interpreting the user's questions and delivering instant answers.

The latest innovations to Facebook, especially the Facebook Chatbot, have certainly changed the landscape of online interaction. These new tools have definitely made it easier for the users of Facebook to interact with others. However, these bots are not perfect, as some have shown. Thus, the best chatbot examples are those that work well, without showing any bugs or errors.

There are many Facebook Messenger Bot Examples that work great. One of them is the Facebook Bot Facade, a program that actually has artificial intelligence. It is able to combine several bot features and make a unique personality that can respond to questions, send messages, and post pictures, among others. This innovative bot has already received positive feedback from users, and even the developers of Facebook, who have seen the finished product.

Another example of a popular bot is the Facebook Botanimate, a Facebook Messenger Bot that allows the person to answer the questions posted by other Facebook members. To do this, the user will have to type in the questions, and then the bot will do the "press one" option on the touch screen. After that, it will start answering the questions, much like a real human would. And if one wants to change the voice or the greeting of the bot, he or she can simply do so through the same touch screen. The Facebook Botanimate can even respond to the post with either a message with a photo or even a game played.

Another example of an advanced chatbot that can be used for customer support is the Facebook Botriendly. It is a Facebook Messenger Bot that has been designed specifically to help business owners with problems related to their Facebook accounts, such as troubles in registering a new account, adding a product, or upgrading an existing one. Through the use of Facebook Botriendly, business owners can get instant feedback and responses from customers. Unlike most cutbacks, the Facebook Botriendly will not post a message to the chatbox. Instead, it will appear as a small notification on the side of the user's profile page.

However, Facebook Bots has limitations as well. For instance, it cannot respond to spam, nor can it respond to posts on fan pages or status updates. It can, however, forward messages to other Facebook users as well as share conversations with them. This feature, however, does not come included with all Facebook Chat Bots. As such, the Facebook Botriendly can be quite expensive, especially considering that it can perform automated tasks, as well as handle multiple conversations at once. In some cases, these Facebook Chat Bots are sold as add-ons.

In recent times, there are third-party Facebook Page bots that have been released as standalone applications. These Facebook Messenger Bot applications are mostly made for use in Facebook's e-commerce solutions. Some of these third-party Facebook page bots have even made it to the iTunes store. There are those, however, who would still opt to download Facebook's official bot, which is available free through Facebook's website. For those who want to use Facebook chat Bots for customer support, scheduling, or sharing conversations through Facebook's messaging system, the Facebook Bot Buddy is arguably the best choice.

The Facebook Bot Buddy is available for free on Facebook's website. Once downloaded, the Facebook Bot Buddy can be set up on a Facebook user's personal profile, to wit, the Facebook account. A Facebook Chatfuel account is required for the installation process. The Facebook Bot Buddy software is also compatible with the following Facebook applications: Facebook Enews, Facebook Fanpages, Facebook Pages, Facebook Events, Facebook Photostreams, Facebook Channels, and Facebook Notes.