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Effective Ways To Clean Your Curtains And Drapes

Soiled and dirty curtains tend to spoil the entire appearance of a home. Most of the drapes are made of fabrics so it tends to attract dust and grime. So it is very essential to clean them often so that they remain neat and beautiful. 

It is quite easy to clean the drapes if you follow the right instructions. Different fabrics require different cleaning procedures and techniques. Steaming curtains and drapes are a popular choice now because it not only kills the germs but maintains their fabric too. You can find plenty of reputed companies that offer curtain steaming assistance at affordable prices.

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A portable steam cleaner is a device that can be used to clean fabrics and materials. A portable steam cleaner is quite efficient and affordable. It can be used to clean curtains easily and quickly. But it is important to know if your drapes can be cleaned using such devices. Some fabrics can be cleaned using portable steam cleaners whereas some can not be cleaned according to the fabric care label.

Fabrics without lining can be ruined easily while cleaning or washing them. So it is wise to dry clean these drapes so that it lasts longer.

Large drapes should never be washed in a washer as the metal hooks can damage the washers. The weight of the fabrics may be a burden on the washing machine. It can be washed easily in bathtubs with the use of soaps or detergents. Fabric softeners can be used to soften the fabric. It can then be hung to dry.

Dirty window curtains can also be cleaned weekly by using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner will take out the dust and keep it free from blemishes. However, the machine should be used at a low setting so that the fabric is less affected.