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Education And Employment Immigration To Australia

The education and experience of the applicant are evaluated by the relevant assessment authorities for skills. The applicant must be less than 45 years old. The applicant should have proficiency in the English language, which can be assessed by the IELTS test. All applicants must conduct criminal and medical screenings before the time a permanent visa is granted.

Additional points are available for those who have the Australian Skilled Independent Visa, satisfying certain requirements. Points are awarded if there is an offer of employment from a qualified Australian employer. In order to have more information about employer visa sponsorship to Australia process, you can hire experts as well.

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Candidates who have completed their studies in Australia can use their qualifications to justify their application. Additional points may also be obtained if the spouse fulfills the requirements for being of a certain age English capability, an occupation that is skilled, and up or more months of employment experience.

If the person applying for an application has family members living in Australia He can enhance his application by proving the connection and providing evidence of the relative's residency status. Permanent resident visas are good for five years following which the permanent resident is eligible to apply for citizenship provided certain eligibility requirements are met.

The Australian government has the Investor with a two-stage procedure for migration to Australia. The first stage is the 4-year temporary investor visa, for which Australian government bonds have to be purchased for a qualifying.

All sponsored and unsponsored Investors must satisfy certain requirements for both categories. Permanent residence proceeds after bonds have been held over four years.