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Eames Chair: Real Or Reproduction?

Authentic, modernist furniture layouts often include a distinctive price tag which completely undermines the designers' original intent of creating excellent quality layouts accessible to all.

It's possible to go around this issue by investing in breeding products which will provide you with the exact same quality in a quarter of the cost demanded by the companies that maintain the official permit. Furniture stores like Modterior sell huge variety of replica furniture including Eames chair.

Auzzie Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Grey

If the seats themselves are not any different, you're being asked to cover dollar 200 to get a badge. Are you shallow? Didn’t you grow out of this when you left college and stopped having the 'right coaches'? Are you, in actuality, a small poseur?

Is there something somewhat repugnant about a business making obscene profits using a layout they bought the rights to? They're not the designers. They're only the producers. High quality generates, possibly. However, with mass produced items high quality shouldn't be as pricey as hand-made artisan inventions. That's a rip-off.

As we all know, furniture design and fabrication isn't copyright, and for good reason. For centuries, cabinetmakers, and furniture fabricators have copied each other's layouts, incrementally and at times radically altering them to get better or for worse. You need to find the right place to buy your replica furniture.