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Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy For Autism In Sacramento

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder with constant challenges in terms of social interactions, verbal / non-verbal communication, language, and limited or repetitive behavior. The severity of autism symptoms varies from person to person.

Lack of social and behavioral skills can be taught to children through applied behavior analysis in autism. The idea is to treat "rubbed off" symptoms to achieve an effective treatment. You can easily contact the aba therapist in Sacramento.

Symptoms of autism appear in children in the first three years of life. In addition to difficulties in social, communication, and limited / repetitive behavior, they are diagnosed with symptoms that include:

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  • Problems understanding the other person's point of view or understanding their actions, tone of voice and emotions
  • Don't make eye contact with other people when you are talking to them
  • Don't indulge in activities like aiming or pointing at objects
  • Inability to respond to his name or attract attention

Applied behavior analysis

Underdeveloped social and behavioral skills can be taught to children through ABA therapy. This approach has been modified by "reward", not "punishment".

For example, when children respond to a command, they will receive gifts such as their favorite cartoon toy, food, colors, and so on. Many children who receive intensive ABA therapy for autism learn to behave well after several months of intensive rehabilitation.

How does ABA therapy work?

ABA therapy for autism is provided by a therapist who teaches children to obey orders or requests. If the child complies, they will be rewarded with the favorite snack or all-time favorite gift. If he doesn't comply, the process is repeated.