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Accessing Canadian Markets – Virtual Warehousing and Fulfillment in Canada

New entrants to the Canadian market from abroad are increasing, offering goods Canadians are buying when visiting (the US), importing, or goods they previously couldn't access. 

You can also browse online resources or online websites to find more information about the 3pl planning in Canada. The question for US-based distributors/sellers is, "Do we ship goods to Canada from the US or do we set up shop in Canada." Both have important implications.

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With weak US sales, US wholesalers and retailers logically looked to Canada to push continued business growth.

Why Offering Goods to Canadians Makes Sense

The barriers for entry to Canada are few, which means when US companies look for sales growth – Canada makes sense despite its relatively smaller market size. 

The countries share a country-spanning border, the same language is spoken, free trader and favorable trade agreements are in place and both value each other as huge trading partners. In sum, trade is welcome.

Top-tier warehousing and distribution companies are often integrated with transport and logistic networks. 

3PL Warehouse Fulfillment Capabilities

You will need products stored and ready for distribution as Canadian outlets or consumers demand them. 

Your warehousing should be equipped to pick, pack, and ship directly to consumers. Often, these warehousing partners fully understand the concept of "drop shipping". 

US companies looking to establish a Canadian presence to grow their business have a lot to consider and with careful planning and relatively low cost.