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A Quick Glance at the Kitchen Trends of 2021

Hawthorne builders

How much of 2021 did you spend at home? Probably a lot. And those who were at home know the frequency of kitchen use. That’s another part of the home you can decorate with the latest trends to make a unique style statement. Here, we will look at the trends that made it to the kitchens this year.

  • Earthy Tones: With gorgeous shades like beiges and light colors, earthy tones have been a thing of the year. And you can beautify your kitchen by using simple and elegant accessories. Using potted plants for green decoration makes the place appear super attractive.
  • Caesar Stone Benchtops: Since 2021 has observed down-to-earth trends, how can the natural yet luxurious Caeser stone be left behind. Using this raw classiness as a benchtop made a part of numerous gorgeous kitchens this year.
  • Natural Lighting: That’s an all-time favorite of interior designers. While natural light is already known to enhance colors and brighten up spaces, it works wonders with the light shades inside the kitchen.
  • Glass Splashback: If the closed kitchen compartment makes you feel cut out of the outside world, you can use a glass splashback. Add a glass window to open up the space and you will never feel disconnected. Kids also admire this trend.
  • Black and Gold: Besides light colors, black and gold have been trending high due to their ability to make the place appear luxurious and classy.

While these were things that trended in 2021, the next year might bring new designs and styles to the table. You can always consult with builders from Hawthorne to know what’s best for your place.