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What Is Independent Supported Living?

As the population of older adults increases, there is a pressing need for services to support them in their current living situation. This can be difficult for both the individual and their loved ones, given that many people might not have family members or friends nearby who could watch them in exchange for payment. 

Though these individuals might not be able to handle all day-to-day tasks on their own, they are still fully capable of living independently. And, they deserve the same attention and care as any person regardless of age or disability.

Independent Supported Living are living arrangements that allow people to live in the community while receiving financial support from a non-residential program. Typically, they provide housing and all the services required for daily living. If you’re interested in learning more on independent supported living then navigate to

What are the benefits of Independent Supported Living?

Independent Supported Living offers the ability to live independently with the support of skilled staff. This is a type of living that focuses on a person's personal needs and preferences as opposed to traditional caregiving. It provides services such as one-on-one care, far more flexible schedules, and customized care plans.

What are some risks and challenges when using individualized support?

An independent supported living plan is an arrangement of paid or unpaid services that are provided to an individual who is either unable to care for themselves, or is unable to maintain their independence because of a disability. 

There are a variety of risks and challenges when using this kind of service. For example, if the guardian providing support is not always available for the individual, there may be safety concerns for the individual.

Oktoberfest – Let the Party & Beer Roll!

Oktoberfest is also known as the Largest People's Fair in the World. Generally, the event is associated with fun & partying with an endless flow of beer. It is an event full of entertainment with music, art & crafts, food, and drink throughout the entire weekend. Oktoberfest means "Reason to celebrate" & also it's known as called "Wiesn" meaning "Meadow" by local Bavarians.

Today it's the most popular German festival which is also celebrated throughout the world. There are many Oktoberfest celebrations held in countries like Japan & America. The inherent reason for this is that a large number of people of German origin and culture live in U.S and Canada, and also a fact which can't be denied that a lot of food, drinking, carnival & other fun activities are involved with this festival so people are quite attracted to join the celebrations.

You can go for the best taste of oktoberfest at

KWO pretzel

The origin & history of the event goes long back in time as far as the 19th century in the free state of Bavaria in Germany. The first Oktoberfest took place on October 12th, 1810 as a wedding celebration for Crown Prince Luitpold I & Princess Theressa of Bavaria. Around 40,000 people from Bavaria were invited on this occasion and the five-day-long event ended on the 17th with a horse race.

The reason for the celebration was two, firstly to thank the Lord for the past year's crops & secondly for enjoying the wedding with the people & family of the state. The meadow where the race was held was named as

Facebook Messenger Bot and Manychat

Facebook introduced the functionality of chat bots in November of last year as a brand new Facebook feature. This was quite an exciting time for many marketers, particularly those who were always on the lookout for an opportunity to promote using innovative technology. But like any new piece of software, sometimes the bot didn't deliver everything it promised and in many cases, the application was simply not delivering what it promised. So what went wrong? And is there anything we can do now to make Facebook Chatbot work more effectively?

In the first instance the bot was only available for those who had a subscription to Facebook's messaging service. This limited people's ability to use the bot for several reasons such as they had to pay a fee to join Facebook, they couldn't use the Facebook network itself which made them outside of the Facebook ecosystem and, crucially, even if they could have used the Facebook Messenger Bot they would not have been able to target Whole Foods Market directly because Whole Foods uses a different brand altogether. Facebook Messenger Bot was therefore not the bot you were expecting and many people were quickly put off from engaging with it or using it when they could have. A number of Facebook users expressed concern that as Facebook customers they were being excluded from the benefits of the Facebook Messenger Bot. Concerns also arose about the security of information users sent to Facebook Messenger Bots.

As a result, Facebook admitted the limitation and introduced chat bots later in the summer. These chat bots were limited to Facebook pages, but provided similar functionality to the Facebook Messenger Bot. However, since they are now a separate program, Facebook is free to allow as many third-party companies to sell Facebook Messenger Bot advertising to customers who have a Facebook account, rather than to have customers signing up and paying for Facebook Messenger Bot use just to be allowed to use the Facebook chat bots.

At the time, Facebook was still selling the Bot software as part of the Facebook Marketplace, which allowed third parties to create applications that would be sold to Facebook customers. With the introduction of the chat bots, Facebook made the decision to allow any third-party company to create a Facebook Messenger Bot which they could then promote through the Facebook platform. When the Facebook Marketplace was launched this meant any interested third-party company was given free reign to create and market any bot they wanted to sell to Facebook customers. The only stipulation was that the company selling the Bot must meet Facebook's standards before they could become part of the Facebook Marketplace.

This was a huge advantage for Facebook users as it meant they had more choice and better customer service. Unlike the way Facebook used to do things back in the early days when customer service was at a severe all-time low and customers tended to go straight to the competitor's site when unsatisfied with their services, Facebook now allows customers to voice their opinions and post reviews and complaints through Facebook Chatbot. This way Facebook customers are able to provide feedback on Facebook chat bots and Facebook services in a non-intrusive way which reduces spam and gives them real value. There is also no longer the need to wait for customer service representatives to solve a problem, customers can do it themselves.

In addition to Facebook messaging Bots, Facebook has recently introduced Facebook apps. These are stand alone programs that are designed for iPhones, iPads and any other smartphone that has access to the web. These apps are designed to function in conjunction with Facebook Messenger Bot. There are now several Facebook apps available including one called Facebook Spaces which provides a social space where people can chat, share pictures and videos and even enter virtual competitions. Facebook Spaces offers an open rate of roughly 0.5 percent which means it has already become one of the most popular Facebook applications on the market. Just days before it was launched Facebook introduced an update to the Facebook mobile apps which will allow users to upload files to their Facebook accounts from their smartphones.

In addition to the apps themselves, Facebook has developed many additional applications including the News Feed which allows users to scroll through the posts on their friends walls as they come in. The News Feed can also be used in conjunction with the Facebook Messenger Bot by allowing the Bot to post news stories from any partner network's news feeds. Facebook has also developed the Facebook QR code which can be used with many Bluetooth applications such as those produced by HTC, Nokia, Samsung and others which allow consumers to access coupons, deals and specials without having to scan a physical code.

Since Facebook is currently one of the most popular social media sites in the world, it comes as no surprise that it would want to increase its share of the global communication market. The introduction of Facebook chat bots and Facebook apps has helped to make communication more convenient for Facebook customers. However, by far the most innovative use of Facebook's new tools is the integration of customer service information into the user interface of manychat. The aim of this new application is to allow Facebook users to get quicker customer service responses and to help the user identify problems faster. This is part of Facebook's plan to gain an increasing amount of influence over the communication landscape.

Know How To Select The Best Swimming Pool Builder

Buying the right equipment for your pool in Newcastle is the hardest task you can face. It takes a very long time, but you can count on a pool builder without any problems.

Nowadays, you can easily see different types of ponds which are endowed with various exotic features. Indoor jets, indoor lighting, and heating are some of the most important and exclusive features associated with various pools.

Well, these pool makers usually work with various small and large companies. You can find the best pool builders in Newcastle via

newcastle pool builders

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Well, this buoy builder is well upgraded with ample experience in terms of great construction and proper pond maintenance. This pool builder can install a swimming pool on your property very easily and perfectly.

Well, you can easily find the best pool player for yourself, but that is also quite difficult. They are just builders who can provide you with the best pool builder to build a pool for yourself. The contractor can provide the builder with many of the basic equipment that is indispensable for the construction of the pond.

A good contractor can also provide the builder with an efficient team of workers who can effectively and efficiently help the project manager to get the job done in no time.

Many pool builders in Newcastle only provide their customers with pool builder working documents and customer reference lists. In this way, customers can easily check the performance of contractors and builders.

Hiring a Hazardous Waste Disposal Company in Springfield

Removal of garbage has always been a thing that people shun away from. They somehow manage to collect their domestic garbage to dump in a locality skip bin, but for all other kinds of garbage, they use the services of the best environmental management service.

This is because the staff from the best environmental project management company hold expertise in the collection, disposal and overall waste management of different kinds of garbage generated at various places. You can hire environmental management service via

environmental management

In this post, we take a look at some of the most common services and their advantages.

  • Proper Handling and Efficient Waste disposal

These are the two most commonly offered services by these experts. Their benefit is that you can be assured that your garbage has received the deserving treatment. One more thing that these teams from these companies would assure you about is that it will not pose any health-related concerns. Remember that improper disposal can force you to pay a fine according to the laws in some states and in severe cases, the consequences can be severe.

  • Collection of construction garbage

Companies involved in catering these services offer construction debris collection services as well and most of them give the name of “bulk waste collection”. They are well aware that a small or large construction project, no matter which one it is, would surely generate lots of worthless material. Through the services that they carry out using dump trucks and other machines, they make sure that such sites stay free from debris and do not pose any health-related risk to the mason workers there.

According to the experts of the companies involved in catering these services, their staff finds no difficulty in hazardous garbage dumping as well.

They do this because they have years of experience and the required tools to bring precise results every time, without causing any threat to their own health.

What Is CBD Oil And Its Benefits

Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica is extracted to make CBD oil. According to some, CBD oil is used in treating pain and helps reduce anxiety. It is the same as marijuana but does not cause any psychological effects. It can also cure seizures. CBD means cannabidiol. Usually mixed with flaxseed oil or coconut oil with a carrier oil. This is a natural substance. It is used in oil and edibles. 

However, illegal cannabidiol products originate from hemp. Cannabidiol is a new drug, so it cannot be mixed and used in food. You can buy the best cannabis products at

CBD affects the brain. The right effect and causes of the CBD it is still unclear now. However, it prevents details of some chemicals that can affect mood, mental health, and pain. Prevention of damage to chemicals and increasing their blood presence may help overcome anxiety, pain, and psychological conditions of schizophrenia.

There is no scientific evidence that can prove that cancer can be treated with the use of CBD oil. However, studies show that CBD oil can reduce pain and treat arthritis if applied to the skin. It presses neuropathic and painful inflammation. Some studies show that people affected by cancer who took marijuana during the trial took fewer painkillers.

You can use CBD oil in many ways. It's not similar to consuming and smoking all marijuana. If the doctor prescribes the CBD, then the instructions must be strictly followed.

Covered Risks in Title Insurance in New Jersey

When a property is financed, purchased, or sold, a record of the transaction is typically kept in public records this is title insurance. In the same way, records are archived of other events that could affect the property. You can get the best title insurance quote at

When purchasing property insurance for your property, the real estate company checks these records to find and, if possible, fix various types of property problems. First, real estate companies seek public records to determine property ownership status. After this search, the insurance company determines the property that is insured.

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Covered Risks: The Company shall be obligated to pay any loss sustained or incurred by the Insured on the property

  • Title in the property being vested on the inception date of the Policy other than as specified.
  • Any defect in or lien on the title on the inception date of the Policy. This covered risk includes, but is not limited to, indemnification against loss resulting from a defect.
  • Failure of any person or entity to have authorized a transfer or conveyance.
  • A document affecting title that was not properly created, executed, witnessed, sealed, stamped.
  • Title-related documents with forged, expired, or invalid power of attorney.
  • Any documents relating to property rights that are not properly registered, recorded or indexed in the public register.
  • Improper judicial or administrative procedures.

The insurance company will pay fees, attorneys' fees, and expenses incurred in defending any issues covered by this policy, but only up to the amount specified in the terms.

How to Reprogram Your Voice To Be Effective in Business and Sales

The reason you are going from a low pitch to a high pitch throughout the 3-word sentence is that you are asking a question and inviting a response. One always goes up in pitch at the end of a sentence that asks a question.

For the past several years many have been in very challenging economic times and it is very easy to fall into the "victim response" and to sound flat, frustrated, depressed, and even angry without consciously realizing it. You can also use voice analytics tools at

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I believe that none of us survive alone and that together we can create a world that supports all life including the earth itself. I also feel that if we believe we can create the world we want, we need to start sounding like it.

We can begin by consistently sounding energetic, confident, caring, and persuasive when speaking. For me, this is the sound of hope, the sound that moves another person to feel better about themself. "Yes, we can" needs to sound consistently powerful, caring, and confident.

The subconscious programs such as walking, eating, speaking, etc. function outside the conscious mind and therefore they are making our everyday decisions without us even noticing. 

These subconscious programs originate from our parents, family, and community and often are limiting and many times disempowering. The good news is that the subconscious programs can be rewritten by the conscious mind putting you back in control.

What To Consider When Buying Dining Chairs?

When shopping for dining room furniture, there are several things to consider. The table will be in the center of the room, so this is an important decision. Other large pieces such as huts or buffets are also a great solution. 

What you may not know is that buying a dining chair is just as important. They can really add a lot of flair to a room if you take the time to choose the right ones. If you want to buy the best quality dining chairs visit

Here are some things to consider when shopping for dining room chairs:

How often do you use the dining room?

Is this a casual room where all your guests will sit and chat, or is it a formal space only used for special occasions? If you are more carefree and spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, you want to make sure the chair is comfortable. 

Color and texture

Chairs can add a lot of style to a room. You can opt for a simple, sleek look for a modern touch, or dark wood trim for an older, more sophisticated style. When buying dining room chairs, make sure they match the rest of the furniture in the room and other décor.

When shopping for dining chairs, there are several important things to consider. Take some time to think about what you are looking for and you will find one that will beautify your dining room for years to come.

Hiring A Fitness Trainer

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle, hiring a fitness trainer can be an effective way to get the results you need.  Fitness trainers help people stay in shape and achieve their fitness goals.  

They’ll help you develop and stick to a workout routine, teach you how to eat healthily, and provide tips for staying motivated. They may also offer complimentary classes that teach basic or specific skills like yoga, martial arts, dance, or skiing. You can hire the best fitness trainer in Ottawa via  

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Hiring a personal trainer can be great for your health! It will help you stay motivated about your workout routine, and it will give you the chance to work out with a coach who has tons of experience.  

It can also make your workouts more fun because there is someone else there to keep you accountable. There are so many benefits to hiring a trainer, so why not consider putting yourself on the line and trying one out? 

Finding a good fitness trainer is not always easy. You need someone that has experience and training, or you could end up with a less than satisfactory outcome. One way to find a good trainer is by talking to other people. Ask around as many people as you can and find out who they would go to if they had the need for a good personal trainer.  

Finding a fitness trainer can seem difficult but it's actually quite simple. For one to be able to find it, one must go through the process of how to hire a fitness trainer.