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Why do teens try drugs?

There are many reasons why teens might experiment with drugs, but some of the most common reasons are curiosity and peer pressure. Teens may try drugs because they’re curious about what they’re like or how they affect the body, or because their friends are doing it. Peer pressure can be a powerful force, and if a friend is using drugs, a teen may feel like it’s something they have to do too. If a teen is struggling with depression or anxiety, drug use can also be an escape route.

Here are five reasons why teen drug use is dangerous:

  1. Teen drug use can lead to addiction. Addiction is a powerful psychological force that can override any rational decision-making process. Drug addiction often leads to job loss, relationship problems, and criminal activity. In extreme cases, it can even result in death.
  1. Teen drug use can damage the brain. The brain continues to develop well into adulthood, so even minor injuries during teenage years can lead to long-term problems. Drug abuse can cause permanent changes in brain structure and function. 
  1. Teen drug use can increase the risk of developing other forms of addiction.People who start using drugs at an early age are more likely to become addicted to them.

Teens using drugs and alcohol | Kids Helpline

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The Dangers of Teen Drug Use: Physical and Social

The physical risks of teen drug use are well-known. Teens who use drugs often develop problems with their academic performance, including lower grades and dropping out of school. 

The social risks of teen drug use are just as dangerous. Teen drug users are more likely to become involved in criminal behavior, including theft and assault.