Say Yes to Life Blog Carnival: July 21, 2011

July 16, 2011 James Tucker 11 Comments


I will post a list of participating blogs here and link directly to their articles as they finish.  If you would like to be added, you still can!  Just fill out the form below and give me your blog or post url.

Fire of Thy Love: My Post, The Truth About Sex
Fire of Thy Love: My Wife’s Post, Her Take on NFP
Day in the Life:YES to Life and No to Birth Control
Isidore’s Digital Doorway: Say Yes! To Life
Team Orthodoxy
Startling the Day: Freedom
The Fringe Economist: Dissecting the Lies of the Pro-Choice Movement
Accepting Abundance: Six Years Later
The Corner with a View: Evil Don’t Look Like Anything
The Nerdy Wife: Children are Always Blessings
Rowles Family Four: Summer Loving
The Emmaus Road: Why the Pill is a Problem
Plot Line and Sinker: NFP’s Many Benefits

On Thursday July 21, 2011, the National Women’s Law Center will be co-hosting a blog carnival with Planned Parenthood to discuss the upcoming decision by the Department of Health and Human Services on which preventive services will be covered without a co-pay by all new health insurance plans.  They are hoping and actively working to get artificial contraception, namely the prescription birth control pill, on that list, and have titled their event “Birth Control: We’ve Got you Covered.” will be hosting an alternate event on the same day entitled “Say Yes to Life.”  Our blog carnival will be a collection of those who want to offer an alternative viewpoint to the Planned Parenthood contraceptive mentality.  Write about the joys of having a child, your experiences with natural family planning, the dangers of artificial contraception, the origins of Planned Parenthood in the eugenics movement, true responsible parenthood, or any other pro-life topic!  Let people know that there is an alternative life-giving view on human sexuality that leads to true freedom in Love.

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11 Comments → “Say Yes to Life Blog Carnival: July 21, 2011”

  1. Theodora Busic 3 years ago   Reply

    Thanks for the educational information. I hope others join you and help out. I plan to bookmark this page so I can read all the posts!

  2. Stacy Trasancos 3 years ago   Reply

    Found you through Elizabeth @ Startling the Day! Great idea and thank you!!!

    • James Tucker 3 years ago   Reply

      Thank you too for writing your article! I loved it!

  3. Jenn 3 years ago   Reply

    You’ve got great insights about How to blog, keep up the good work!

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